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lets rogue edit...

services for professionals

Join us in rewriting the rules, embracing resilience and unlocking your potential for impactful change. It’s time to edit your story, embrace your journey, and lead with purpose.

rogue insight sessions:

1:1 leadership coaching for professionals

Ready to kick your individualised leadership journey up a
notch? Step into the world of Rogue Insight Sessions — where leadership coaching gets a remix!

Think of it as a dynamic edit with a splash of curiosity,
compassion, connection, courage, and celebrating your growth!
Don’t miss the chance to go rogue, edit your story, and level up your leadership with 1:1 coaching.

Ready to rock? Join us for Rogue Insight Sessions and let the transformation begin…

rogue collective coaching:

small group leadership exploring

In this dynamic group coaching experience, your small group becomes a powerhouse of collective potential. It’s not just coaching; it’s a connected leadership adventure. Ready to amplify your impact and level up together?

Join Rogue Collective Coaching with a group you know or
network and grow with strangers who share your curiosity to lead.

**maximum of 4 in group coaching

solo leadership boost:


Experience a burst of transformative energy with our Solo
Leadership Boost! In this one-off mentoring session, we dive deep into your unique leadership challenges and opportunities. Uncover fresh perspectives, gain actionable insights, and leave with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence.

Ready for a Solo Leadership Boost? Let’s ignite your leadership potential together.


rogue learning experiences

Step away from conventional workshops! The Rogue Edit workshops stand out for their lively engagement, proven effectiveness, and enjoyable vibe, keeping participants captivated and motivated throughout.

  • Bespoke workshop creation leveraging the skills and expertise of the founder of The Rogue Edit.
  • Bespoke team culture building sessions.
  • Bite-sized learning in person or online for your team meetings or conferences.
elevate your leadership with rogue:


As leaders, we understand the complexities of navigating modern business landscapes. Our consultancy offers more than just solutions; we provide transformative insights tailored to your unique journey through explorative Opportunity Analysis.

From strategic visioning to organisational cultural alignment,
through to staff development and complex conversations, we guide you through every challenge with curiosity and conviction, fostering growth and driving impactful change.

Elevate your leadership with The Rogue Edit Consultancy today.

wheel of leadership

Use our self-assessment tool and get a visual representation of where your strengths lie and areas for improvement across the different dimensions of leadership.

looking for more?

services for families

Explore how small edits to your parenting approach can bring profound changes, fostering resilience, understanding, and joy. Ready to bring therapeutic parenting and leadership into your home?

frequently asked questions.

The qualifications and experience of the Founder of The Rogue Edit (refer to About Us) ensures there is a professional and evidence-based approach integrating cutting-edge leadership principles with a focus on authenticity, curiosity and resilience.

The Rogue Edit are always finding new opportunities to upskill and stay in the loop with new research, strategies etc. so that you don’t have to. Each coaching plan is individualised to best meet how you want to go rogue and edit your journey.

During coaching sessions, you can expect a supportive and collaborative environment where you'll get gritty about your challenges and opportunities for growth, set actionable goals, and receive personalized guidance to help you achieve your objectives.

The Rogue Edit will sprinkle in that level of accountability to ensure that you are seeing, and feeling, the results of your edit.

Coaching is beneficial for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, navigate career transitions, communication and unlock their full potential.

If you're committed to growth and open to exploration, coaching with The Rogue Edit could be the perfect fit for you. Not every coach will be your perfect fit, jump on book a free Curiosity Call with us to have a general conversation about how we support you.

At The Rogue Edit, coaching propels individuals toward goal achievement, self-discovery, and skill enhancement through a dynamic and structured process. Conversely, mentoring serves as an opportunity for guidance, support, and wisdom transfer, drawing from the mentor's rich expertise and experience.

Both avenues, coaching and mentoring, play pivotal roles in shaping personal and professional development, catering to the distinct needs and aspirations of each individual. Consider where you are at in your edit journey, if you want to have specific goals you want to focus on achieving in coaching sessions or if you want to “pick the brains” of your Mentor and bounce ideas.

self assessment tool

wheel of leadership for professionals

A fun tool to visually see your strengths and opportunities for growth as a leader!