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The Rogue Edit

The Rogue Edit is a vibrant movement disrupting the landscape of leadership and professional growth through editing individual’s therapeutic lens to be responsive to underlying support needs of clients and staff.

The Rogue Edit will get curious about your organizations specific learning requirements and customize workshops to be responsive to the support needs and areas of growth identified by organization leaders and/or front-line staff in the areas of therapeutic care and leadership.

Step away from conventional workshops! The Rogue Edit workshops stand out for their lively engagement, proven effectiveness, and enjoyable vibe, keeping participants captivated and motivated throughout.

what and who?


To create a ripple effect of leaders who challenge norms and spark a revolution of leaders to inspire a new era of limitless possibility.


Embrace your inner rogue; we empower untamed leadership.


Curiosity | Compassion | Connection Courage | Cheers

our history

the inspiration

After spending 12+ years in the Child Protection and Youth Mental Health sector, servant leadership was a powerful guiding tenant for success of the teams I worked with, contributing to incredible client outcomes.

I have become aware that my skills, qualifications and experience to work as a trauma informed, therapeutic leader is not “common sense”, that no one focuses on growing people leaders instead of authoritarian managers.

After providing support to friends and family in their roles in business and personal life I was encouraged to provide this to more and have felt inspired to do this after seeing the impact it can have on individuals, teams, families and industries.

I am excited to empower a new generation of business owners, leaders, parents and young people.

what sets the rogue edit apart?

Our unique combination of expertise sets us apart, allowing us to deliver high-quality, informed, and impactful services with an optimistic approach.


Over 12 years of experience in Child Protection and Youth Mental Health sector, I have co-founded a law firm, managed youth mental health services, navigated government contracts, and facilitated discussions and workshops at leadership forums.


Expertise in providing and developing constructive feedback, fostering inclusive cultures, developing organizational policies, conducting client/staff audits, providing wellbeing and operational supervision, coaching and mentoring leaders, delivering engaging workshops, training and strategic planning for employee wellbeing, organizational culture and professional development.


A diverse array of qualifications including a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Mini MBA in Leadership, trained in Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead methodology, certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, expertise in strategic coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Time-Based Therapy, therapeutic crisis intervention, Mental Health First Aid, effective people leadership, critical thinking, techniques of influence, impactful presentation delivery and change management proficiency.

meet our team

kayla fernance

founder of The Rogue Edit | professional & personal | leadership consultant

kayla fernance


With over 12yrs experience working in the Child Protection and Youth Mental Health space from direct care as a youth worker to senior leadership roles, Kayla brings a wealth of real-world experience to workshop design and coaching.

Kayla has a qualification in Psychological Science, is Dare to Lead trained, Mini MBA in Leadership, NLP Practitioner, Strategic Coach, Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence, Practitioner of Time-Based Therapy, Mental Health First Aid, Trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (Prev) along with a myriad of other qualifications to share with you and your teams to excel their implicit knowledge and improve their practice and experience in work.

Kayla has word cross organizationally in the support and review of therapeutic practice, process development, strategic planning, organizational culture and leadership to illicit positive impacts for clients and staff. 

" i'm excited to get curious with you to unleash your potential growth"

lets embark on this rouge adventure together!

The Rogue Edit is excited to empower a new generation of business owners, leaders and families.